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2018-04-26 15:20  

A.Prof. Yongbo Liao
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Research Area: 
AI and IC

Research Experience:
Associate professor, university of electronic science and technology in 1999 received his bachelor's degree in microelectronics science and technology, in July 2006 in lanzhou university for a master's degree in microelectronics and solid-state electronics, in university of electronic science and technology in July 2010, received a doctor's degree in microelectronics and solid-state electronics. From 2014 to 2015, the University of Kansas state visited scholars. I was awarded the excellent advisor of the three college students' integrated circuit design competition in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In July 1999, I was a teacher at the university of electronic science and technology, with more than 10 years of teaching and project experience. Professor "semiconductor process", "electronic design automation", "microwave technology and application of" three courses, a total of counseling more than ten session of undergraduate graduation design, participate in publishing textbooks "electronic design automation technology", "power management chip design tutorial" two books; Engaged in scientific research to participate in and complete 15 items, including 863, 973 each a, mainly related to the FPGA chip, CPLD chip, infrared sensing circuit, calculators, digital power amplifier chip, DC/DC, AC/DC chip, PFC chip, hard and soft SOC collaborative verification system, the design and implementation of radio frequency (rf) micro energy collection system and vibration energy collection system, published more than 30 papers, won over 10 invention patents in China.