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2018-04-26 14:45  

Prof. Hejin Xiong
Wuhan University of Technology, China

Research Area: 
Control Science and Engineering

Research Experience:
In January 1999, Huazhong University of Science and Technology graduated with a doctorate in control science and engineering, obtained a doctorate, and received an excellent doctoral dissertation award from the school. In January 2002, Wuhan University of Technology postdoctoral station. National provincial and ministerial level and departmental-level science and technology award review experts have served as secretary general of international and domestic academic conferences for many times, and more than 10 core Journal reviewers.

Hosting and participating in the completion of 10 national, provincial and ministerial projects, two of which were evaluated by the fund committee as "excellent"; Presided over and participated in the completion of more than 40 enterprise technology development projects. He has published more than 100 papers at home and abroad, and more than 30 articles have been included in SCI and EI. Obtained 28 authorized patents. As the first author, he edited "Intelligent Information Processing"(first edition, second edition) and "Gray Control."

The current research areas are complex system modeling and control, artificial intelligence, and intelligent electrical engineering.